Ride Leaders

More volunteers of ride leaders

We need people to come forward and lead rides. I have updated our events page with three people who have very kindly come forward already, but I need more.

Anyone who would like to lead a ride, it is not hard or difficult, well it doesn’t need to be anyways. You can just have a point to ride to and how we get there is down to the leader. Full day rides are easier I think as you have more scope and time to play with.

The club cannot have the monthly half and full day ride out with volunteers and it is unfair if no one comes forward and some steps up on the day or the ride does not go ahead.

So please please if your a FULL member come forward and contact me with any concerns you may have about leading a ride and I will help you.

If you have never lead a ride before and want to but a bit nervous, so long as I know beforehand and I’m on that ride if things are too much and you don’t like leading then I can jump in and take over for you so no worries, no pressure.

Hit me up on Facebook or call me if you have my number.



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