Sunday Half Day Ride (Unlocked)

January 21st 1/2 day Ride.

We still need someone to come forward to lead the 1/2 day ride. Come on volunteers of the full member variety, new year new ethos, can do, will do, so can and will you lead this ride.

That leads nicely on to the next subject of meeting place for our rides to leave from.

I have been made aware of a flaw in our usual meeting place of Sainsbury car park, those of us male and female sometimes need a comfort break prior to setting off on our rides and this is something which Sainsbury do NOT cater for as the toilets are closed when we are on site and recently one of our members had to resort to the bushes. The alternative, Costa Coffee on the other hand at Mash Mills does have toilet facilities and of course you can, for those who arrive early, indulge in a coffee and a slice of cake before the ride.

So I’m putting it out there ahead of our rides, would everyone be happy with a new meeting place Costa Coffee as opposed to Sainsbury’s car park.

Please let me know your acceptance or objections, please.

kindest regards


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